A Vision of Mission

June 2, 2022

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Elijah Stacy has arguably accomplished more in his twenty years than most people do in a lifetime.  His mission, “to minimize human suffering and propel human prosperity so that humanity can have a better quality of life,” directs all of his actions.  What motivates a young adult to develop a super-sized mission which focuses on others and not themselves?  Perhaps the fact that he was diagnosed with a fatal disease as a child, and wishes others to not experience the suffering he himself has endured.  We can all learn from Elijah’s courage, his conviction and his never-quit attitude.

Show notes:

A Small If: The Inspiring Story of a Seventeen-Year-Old with a Fatal Disease and a Mission to Cure It, Elijah J. Stacy


Twitter: @elijahjstacy

Facebook: @FBelijahjstacy

TikTok: @elijahjstacy

Instagram: @elijahjstacy


Twitter: @destroydisease

Instagram/ Facebook: @destroyduchenne

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki


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