Beyond Betrayal

November 25, 2021

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A child grows up thinking the life she leads, in which she is abused nearly daily, and used as a commodity by those she trusts, is the way everyone lives.  Around 200,000 children are exploited by sex traffickers in the United States annually, and nearly 50% of these victims suffer at the hands of family they know and love.  This is familial sex trafficking, and if you think it couldn’t be happening where you live, think again:  this kind of evil has been reported in all fifty states, and across socioeconomic lines.  Our guest this week is a brave young woman who was the victim of familial sex trafficking for 26 years of her life.  While many would suffer in silence, Kellie has opted to offer her story as education for others, and advocate on the behalf of victims, so that we all work together to end this scourge in our society.


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Beth Graham

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