Hope in Healing

May 5, 2022

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Heather Hutchison has lived her entire life with a disability, as well as anxiety, depression and suicidal inclinations.  After a close call which nearly cost Heather her life, she received the help she desperately needed, and did the hard work to reach a place of healing.  Today, she has a new mission reaching out to others about victorious living, even with health challenges, and advocating for better mental health options.  In this episode, Heather shares her story, as well as action steps we can take to develop a better mental health system.  How do people really treat someone with a disability?  How long does a typical emotion last?  Would you be brave enough to tell someone you were about to take your own life?  What can you do for a friend in that position? A very real, gritty conversation everyone needs to hear.

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Holding on by Letting Go, Heather Hutchison


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