join us to be enlightened and inspired by ordinary folks who model how to best live lives of significance.

join us to be enlightened and inspired by ordinary folks who model how to best live lives of significance.

89-Year-Old Man Tutors Math Students For Free

I recently had the privilege of meeting Dr. Mahendra Jain, an eighty-nine year old retired professor, who has chosen to spend his golden years tutoring students in math.

Jain was born in a small Indian village, and immigrated to the United States after teaching for 17 years in India.  With both his masters and a PhD, he taught as a professor for 31 years.  “I didn’t really have any other hobbies except teaching,” said Jain, “and so that’s why I thought that if I could help high-schoolers with math, it would be good for me, and good for them.”

The idea was first proposed by some of his Indian friends, upon the passing of Jain’s wife, Chanda.  “I don’t want to take any financial benefit.  At least I’m able to spend time with the children, so that gives me solace. I enjoy it.”

Jain and I talked about how many Americans  set a goal of retirement, and then seem unfulfilled after they have spent many years at leisure.  I asked him what advice he would give to someone at retirement age, or even into retirement.  He said, “The best thing you should do is to help–whatever your field.  If you’re a doctor, you can treat someone for nothing.  If you’re a nurse, she can look after someone.  If its a manager or industrial man, they can say, ‘I have experience in this area; I can guide people in this area.’ There’s so much work that can be done with young kids.  Everyone can help out.”

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2 thoughts on “89-Year-Old Man Tutors Math Students For Free”

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful lesson of giving! This is an awesome reminder that fulfillment is linked with sharing your gifts with others. It is refreshing to see those who quietly make this world better recognized as role models for kids and adults!

    1. Thanks, Margy! Stay tuned: we have other stories on the way! I particularly want to encourage and inspire our more “seasoned citizens,” like Dr. Jain, to share their wisdom and experience with our country and world. WE NEED THEM, now more than ever. Thanks for posting, Margy!

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