Journey to Freedom

June 28, 2024

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What does one do when faced with the worst kind of choices?  Alvaro Rivas literally found himself with a gun to his head, when the Nicaraguan government claimed he was a spy because of his work with American ministries.  He knew that he risked imprisonment or death if he remained in his native country; the only option was to flee to freedom.  The problem?  His wife and children could not join him in the arduous journey.  They would have to come later, when Alvaro could secure them safer passage.  In the meantime, he would cross forests, rivers, and endure internment in a detention facility, encountering the worst of humanity along the way.  Safer in a free country, Alvaro holds onto faith that his family will ultimately join him, all the while building a life of legacy and service in his newly adopted country.


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Beth Graham

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