When a “Nobody” Says YES!

June 28, 2024

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Self-described “nobody,” Barbara Demorest, describes how a personal encounter with cancer inspired her to find a solution for a common problem facing breast cancer victims.  She said “Yes,” when many others may have taken a pass.  We talk about walking through open doors, not stressing when a door closes, the hazards of putting limits upon ourselves, how impostor syndrome impacts our ability to step forward, beginning with little steps, how to equip and inspire others, dealing with criticism, the symbiotic nature of giving/receiving, why caring is critical, humility and staying on guard against pride, suffering in order to transform, trusting and having faith even in adversity, how encouragement speaks life into people, and how God uses the nobody’s.  Barb is certainly not a “nobody” to thousands of women across the globe, and you’ll love finding out what a special somebody she is!





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