Headed Toward Heaven

July 11, 2024

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What’s it like to walk with someone who is dying?  And what lessons can we learn from this experience of witnessing someone passing from this world into the next?  Enjoy an interview with an extraordinary doctor, Reggie Anderson, as he shares these truths with us.  We talk about how a horrific event in his young life separated him from God, despite having grown up in a faith-filled home.  He shares how meeting his future wife and studying medicine played key roles in returning him to a relationship with God.  Dr. Anderson shares what it’s like to walk with the dying, including unexpected details, and how he has learned to diagnose through the power of human touch.  We discuss how to press into faith even through challenges, making it to the other side of tragedy, and why he believes God allows calamities to occur in our lives.  He also touches on doing the work God has called you to do, and why we should learn about living and dying from God’s word. This episode will surely bring comfort to anyone who has lost a loved one, and assurance to all of us in navigating our final journey.

Appointments with Heaven: The True Story of a Country Doctor’s Healing Encounters with the Hereafter, Dr. Reggie Anderson


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